Uplighting Brings the Beauty Out in Your Home and Landscape Features

The addition of outdoor uplighting can dramatically change the look and mood of your landscape. In Raleigh, Cary, Apex and surrounding areas, the premier outdoor lighting experts are the team at Outdoor Provisions. You can trust our professional designers and installers to bring your visions to life!

Uplighting by Outdoor Provisions makes a practical addition to your home, but let’s get honest for a moment…The fun part is the elegance and beauty uplighting will bring to your landscaping.

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You can put outdoor uplighting in front of any decorative fixture, plant or wall to highlight the feature with either a shadow or silhouette. Adding uplighting to your home’s landscape is a great way to draw attention to details you want to emphasize. Like other lighting, uplighting also provides safety and security by effectively illuminating the exterior of your home. To get uplighting installed for your home, give us a call today.

To illuminate a house exterior in Raleigh, NC, you can: 

  • Highlight architectural features and trees using uplighting
  • Use various types of light fixtures to add more depth to the design of your home
  • Design your lighting for functionality as well as aesthetic appeal

When determining how you want to light the exterior of your home, you should consider what type of functionality you want the lighting to provide. Additionally, you will need to determine what type of features you want to highlight. To get landscape lighting for your home, contact us today


The best outdoor uplighting for your Raleigh home will depend on your home’s landscape. Luckily, there are many options to choose from, such as: 

  • Bullet uplights – for more focused lighting
  • Wash uplights – for more subtle lighting 
  • Well uplights – for lighting under benches or plants 
  • Flood uplights – for spotlight lighting 

Although there are many options to pick from, the type of lighting you choose can be easily inspired by your home’s landscape and features. A lighting designer can take your vision and provide suggestions to emphasize your landscape’s details. Call us today to get landscape lighting for your home.   

Elite Design Services

Each of our uplighting systems is designed around your needs and goals for your landscaping. Unlike some cookie cutter installation crews, Outdoor Provisions design everything on site following a uplighting private consultation. We are so committed to working with you on every aspect of the uplighting process, we will provide you with a FREE EVENING DEMONSTRATION. This gives our clients the chance to view your custom designed uplighting system before making any final commitments. For all of our customers in Raleigh, Cary, Apex and surrounding areas, we want you to be completely on board with all of your uplighting decisions. We do this by always working to educate our clients on site about all the elements of their uplighting system. You will be consulted on everything from uplighting fixture choices, to installation methods, to timer instructions.

Installing Your Uplighting System

Homeowners are always pleased to find out how very little underground burial is needed. This is due to the use of Low Voltage Lighting. The uplighting team from Outdoor Provisions has perfected special techniques to bury cables and wire to ensure your landscape is not disturbed. Your wire will be safe from trimming, edging and digging. Our highly trained installers make sure all fixtures are properly wired with gel coated wiring caps to protect against corrosion. Outdoor Provisions uses transformers designed with internal breakers and will never be overloaded. With your new one of a kind digital timer system, you can control your lighting from right inside your home!

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