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There are many purposes that outdoor landscape lighting can serve, and at Outdoor Provisions, we can help you accomplish whichever ones you want! We do this by providing a full offering of residential and commercial outdoor lighting services, and we offer flexible maintenance plans to preserve your lighting for years to come.

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We Provide Full Landscape Lighting Services

We have options galore for your outdoor landscape lighting. If you have a particular effect in mind, we can design a system to fulfill your needs. We can accomplish effects with our bright, low-voltage lights that include:

  • Accent Lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Downlighting
  • Step Lighting
  • Path Lighting
  • Color Options
  • Arbor Lighting
  • Combination Effects
  • Pool Lighting
  • Hardscape Lighting

We can make your lights more than just a scattering of fixtures. They should work together to create the ambience you’re after. It is important this is done professionally, as improperly installed lights can shine into windows, disturb your neighbors or wash out your lawn. With us, no consideration is overlooked.

Lighting Maintenance

There are a few things that work together to bring you lighting that you can relax about for years to come. We use quality products, and by ensuring regular maintenance is performed on them, you will be making sure they live up to their true potential.

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Outdoor Provisions stands for above and beyond service, quality, responsiveness and proficiency. We take pride in our many successful projects around the Triangle and look forward to our upcoming ones.