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Landscape lighting can serve many purposes, and it is especially effective when done professionally. At Outdoor Provisions, we take full advantage of lighting effects to expertly engineer your lighting to illuminate for safety and security and to give your yard the mood you desire. Plus, all of our lighting is low voltage, bringing you efficient options without sacrificing lighting power.

For new residential and commercial installations, upgrades, LED retrofitting and more, you can count on us.

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In order to make sure you are satisfied before even committing to a purchase, we do free lighting demonstrations. Reach us at 919-586-7111 and see how we can satisfy your landscape lighting goals.

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Yes, LED landscape lights are worth it and add value to your Raleigh home. Landscape lighting not only adds value to your home, it also adds security. Most homeowners would rather come home to a well lit house than a dark one. With our custom designs at Outdoor Provisions, we will use lighting to show off the architecture of your home, which in turn will add to its overall value. Call us today to learn more about getting landscape lighting for you home! 

To plan your outdoor landscape lighting, you should consider which features you would like to highlight as well as the type of functional lighting you need. It is possible to plan your own landscape lighting, but for the best result, you should have a professional lighting designer plan your landscape lighting for you. 

Our landscape lights are not like your typical DIY lights. We use high quality fixtures with a Lifetime Warranty unlike box store lights which come with no warranty. Our connections and transformers are 100% waterproof as well. Our systems may be higher in cost compared to DIY options, but when you have your landscape lighting done by us, you are getting a custom system and fixtures installed that will last you a lifetime versus just a few years. To get your landscape lighting installed, contact us today.

Landscape lighting design requires prior planning to determine the type of lighting needed to provide lighting that is both functional and beautiful. At Outdoor Provisions, we custom design each lighting project that we install. We also do a walk through with each customer to ensure maximum satisfaction with the landscape lighting design. We do our best to identify and understand what you would like to highlight and then design your system based on that with our expertise. To get landscape lighting for your home, give us a call today

Add Drama With Uplighting

Uplighting is a popular method of lighting where the light points up from the ground, creating a unique effect.

Use Path Lighting For Equal Parts Security & Beauty

Path lighting is a practical way to add a little extra glamour to your yard. You will be more comfortable getting from point A to point B, and a well-lit yard also deters criminal activity.

Boost Night Visibility With Step Lighting

Like path lighting, step lighting both keeps you safe and visually transforms a part of your outdoor area into something that can be appreciated after hours.

Get Accent Lighting to Highlight Your Yard

Your favorite features of your yard don’t have to be limited to daytime appreciation. With accent lighting, you can enjoy a boosted effect that your flora, fauna, fountain, parts of your house or any other unique feature can benefit from at night.

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