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When you are descending or ascending your outdoor stairs at night, not having proper lighting can be a source of anxiety. This goes for taking the trash out, inviting guests inside, going out to your car and many more scenarios. Step lighting is the solution, and it has both a practical and aesthetic value. Our team at Outdoor Provisions knows how to accomplish both for your property.

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Landscape lighting is just not the same without proper execution to make it look professional, and our experts at Outdoor Provisions have what it takes to go above and beyond

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Benefits of Undermount Step Lighting

Keeping your outdoor space safe is always in the forefront of our mind at Outdoor Provisions. There are many advantages to outdoor step lighting, and the first is clearly the element of safety and comfort it will provide your family and guests. A well lit set of stairs:

  • Brings peace of mind for your family or guests.
  • Provides extra aid for the visually impaired.
  • Is a cost-effective alternative to brighter, general lighting.
  • Looks inviting while deterring criminals.

There are also a couple of different placement options to cater to your preferences. Lights can be installed in the center of your steps as well as on either side, pointing toward the center.

Our Lighting Truly Excels

We only use lights from reputable brands, including:

  • FX Luminaire
  • ClaroLux
  • Kichler

This makes our work reliable for many years. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your lighting knowing that connection damage, corrosion or early light burnouts won’t be a problem!

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We’re renowned around the Triangle and surrounding area for:

  • Responsive, timely service.
  • Professional installations since 1995.
  • Proficient designs and techniques.

We want to make sure you will be completely satisfied with your result, so we perform a 100% free lighting demo at night. Want to know more and get started on your step lighting? Call us at 919-586-7111.