Create Ambience & Set a Tone With Accent Lighting

If you have ever driven through a neighborhood at night and been impressed by the beauty of someone’s backyard, chances are, that person has worked with a professional lighting service. Accent lighting highlights the architectural elements of a property, creating drama in the nighttime hours. Additionally, the exact placement of the lighting is optional, giving customization of your desired effect. The illumination also brings an added safety benefit.

For a flawless execution from beginning to end for your own landscape, look no further than Outdoor Provisions.

Not sure what outdoor lighting might work best with the style of your home?

You can trust our design team and their years of experience to guide you through all of the accent lighting options. We also specialize in specific plans for step lighting and path lighting

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Your Options

Whether you want to highlight your trees and garden or the columns on your porch, we can accomplish it professionally. We take the special considerations involved in creating a mood for your landscape in addition to our technical expertise. A few lights here and there may add to the beauty, but strategic locations will create what you’re after.

A few popular elements that we have successfully highlighted for clients include:

  • Pathways & Entryways
  • Driveways
  • Steps
  • Patios
  • Trees
  • Fountains

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The Triangle Area Built Our Reputation

Accent lighting is especially popular in this location because of our relatively mild and pleasant climate. Outdoor Provisions helps you to fully enjoy it along with your favorite aspects of your property. We’re proud to say that our valued clients in the Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas have made us well known for:

  • Responsive, proficient service.
  • Professional design and techniques.
  • Meaningful before-and-afters.

We offer a free evening demonstration before you ever commit to any accent lighting! Call us at 919-586-7111 to get started.