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What is the secret to landscape lighting that lasts? The answer has a lot to do with professional lighting maintenance.

At Outdoor Provisions, we take pride in using the best products available for your outdoor lighting needs. But even the best products need regular maintenance to keep their performance optimal. We can also perform maintenance on systems installed by other companies. With the help of our service, you are guaranteed to enjoy your outdoor lighting system for years to come.

We offer several package plans to choose from no matter how big or small your lighting system is.

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How Our Plans Can Help You

Weather is probably the biggest hurdle your lighting faces. Every time your lights go through a different element, a different problem is risked. However, there are other issues as well. These are the problems we can help you avert:

  • Rain/Snow – Precipitation can cause water damage over time. For waterproof fixtures like ours, rain can splash dirt up and into your lights, causing them to appear dimmer.
  • Lawn Care – If a lawn care activity such as aeration or weed removal damaged your lights, it might not be readily apparent.
  • Animal Damage – Wires can be damaged if animals are digging or chewing on your wires.
  • Burned Out Bulbs – This is a big annoyance, and regular maintenance can keep you on top of it.

Another common issue is wind, which can alter the design of your lights. With our eye for design, we can make sure they are repositioned correctly.

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The Triangle area entrusts us with maintenance due to our outstanding reputation since 1995. We would like to apply our expertise and sincere customer service to your needs next.

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